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Caring for your Pup between Grooms

by Gayle Caston on 02/14/16

Getting your pup groomed regularly is important. But so is caring for his/her coat in between grooms. It doesn't take long but there are a few important tips that can keep them looking and feeling clean and comfortable all the time. As a Stuart mobile dog groomer I hear many pup parents talk about brushing, but combing is important too. That's how you find those tiny mats that can cause discomfort and problems down the road. And just as we don't comb only the top of our head, dogs need combing all over. Particularly those places we don't think of combing such as feet, tails, friction areas like where their legs meet their body, behind ears, and collar areas. Remember harnesses aren't meant to be worn all day. They can cause mats and sore areas if kept on too long. Your pup will appreciate your efforts.