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Mobile dog grooming and Cesar

by Gayle Caston on 04/05/15

As a mobile dog groomer in Stuart, FL I get many opportunities to learn new things. This week I had the good fortune to learn from the best, Cesar Millan. Cesar appeared at the Kravis Center this week and wowed a packed house. He did many of the same things we see him accomplish on TV, but to see it in real time is amazing. Rescued dogs with behavior problems were brought onstage. Within minutes he was able to show the handlers simple techniques to overcome their obstacles and bring out the best in each pup. This will go a long way in getting these dogs successfully placed in homes. And that's a very good thing.

New Year

by Gayle Caston on 01/10/15

This is your Stuart mobile dog groomer, "Happy New Year to all!" We're all ready to begin another busy year. This is a good time to check your pup's bedding and toys. Replace or clean their beds and check for possible dangers from chewies and other toys. Look for sharp edges, or chews that have become too small. Chances are pup received new toys so toss the damaged ones. And remember to call The Spaw, your Stuart mobile dog groomer.

always learning

by Gayle Caston on 11/01/14

Another year at the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. trade show and seminar. I always get so much out of these. Honing old skills and learning new ones never gets old. There's everything from dog grooming styles to pet health and diet. I'm hoping next year there will be more emphasis on mobile grooming. Let the busy season begin.

Dog Days

by Gayle Caston on 06/24/14

The hot days of summer are here in Stuart. I'm busy grooming every day and hear stories of great local activities that can be shared with our dogs, such as beach walks, fishing, or an evening walk downtown. We love to bring our dogs along when we have fun in the sun but remember they need shade and plenty of water, and may need sunscreen on exposed areas, just like we do. And though they are begging to go in the car, don't take them if they must stay in the car while shopping, etc. It takes very little time for the car's interior to reach deadly temperatures.

Why do they do that?

by Gayle Caston on 09/15/13

I get this question a lot in my mobile grooming business. Usually it's regarding chewing or licking. There can be so many reasons but check the most obvious first. It may have started with an insect bite. Some soothe themselves with this activity when anxious. And sometimes it's boredom. Many of these behaviors can be curbed with exercise and introducing new activities. True, dogs like to sleep but they need stimulation too, both physical and mental. Try walking in a different location, or teaching them a new trick.