Eight top reasons to call a mobile dog groomer
by Gayle Caston on 11/26/11

There are many advantages to using a mobile dog groomer that both you and your pooch will appreciate.
Here’s a list of the benefits to consider:
1) Saves Time – everybody is pressed for time these days. With a mobile dog grooming service the groomer comes to you.
2) Easier to Keep a Regular Schedule – set up a monthly schedule with your mobile dog groomer and they will appear in your driveway or at your office at a designed day and time. This takes the burden off of you to remember to schedule and drive your dog to a groomer. (However, you do have to make a date on your calendar to be home at that time.) 
3) Less Stress for your Dog – let’s face it, your dog loves to be with you! Some dogs don’t like to be left at a grooming shop for hours. With a mobile dog groomer, your dog will be nearby so you can check on them and they will be back in your arms in 1-2 hours.
4) Personal One-on-one Attention – when a mobile dog groomer comes to your home, for that period of time, their attention is focused on your dog and only your dog. Now that’s pampering!
5) Cuts out Driving – getting around town can be a hassle some times. You have to contend with traffic, bad drivers and inclement weather. Let the groomer drive to you!
6) Regular Maintenance for your Dog – you know how it is, things come up, change your schedule and can prevent you from getting your dog to the grooming shop. But when a groomer comes to your house on a regular basis, they will keep your dog neatly groomed before their coat gets out of hand with mats and knots.
7) Some Dogs don’t like to Travel – older dogs, dogs who get car sick or dogs who are frightened by other dogs are best serviced by a mobile dog groomer.
8) State your Preferences – with a dog groomer right there in your driveway, if you think of a particular style or cut that you want, all you need to do is walk out of your home and tell or show them. They are right there!

As you can see, there are many ways a mobile dog groomer can make your life easier and make grooming a more pleasant experience for your dog. Try it and see the difference.

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